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  • 10 Years of Service
    10 Years of Service
  • Custom Engine Builds
    Custom Engine Builds
  • Sandrail Tuning and Services
    Sandrail Tuning and Services
  • Classic Car Services
    Classic Car Services
  • Complete Builds
    Complete Builds
  • Muscle Car Service
    Muscle Car Service
  • Custom Tuning for Horsepower
    Custom Tuning for Horsepower
  • Chassis Dyno Tuning
    Chassis Dyno Tuning
  • Off-Road Vehicle Services
    Off-Road Vehicle Services


Welcome to Speed Sports!

Speed Sports is a high performance, individually owned shop that can customize your daily driver or build your dream car from the ground up. With our in-house Chassis Dyno and complete tuning center anything is possible at Speed Sports!

We Specialize in:

  • Custom Fuel Injection
  • EFI Programming
  • Collector Car Service
  • Turbo Systems
  • Superchargers
  • Custom Engine Design
  • Custom Exhaust
  • Over 15 Years Experience

Speed Sports can MIG and TIG weld all metals. We build custom engines and tune on our in-house Super Flow Chassis Dyno


Muscle car service and maintenance
Chassis dyno tuning for top engine performance
Custom engine building
Off-Road Vehicle Services

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